Notes to know when applying PU paint on wooden furniture



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Notes to know when applying PU paint on wooden furniture

Among the types of paint, Pu paint is highly appreciated for its aesthetics as well as time saving. With a three-layer structure of primer, paint and gloss paint, PU painted furniture is relatively durable, scratch-resistant and anti-termite. However, to ensure the effectiveness and safety of PU coating, you should note:

1. Cleaning wooden furniture before painting PU

This operation is not only necessary for regular painting or varnishing of wooden furniture. Before painting Pu, use sandpaper to scrub the old paint so that when spraying paint can stick longer and the surface is smoother. Skipping this step, the paint layer will accumulate on top of each other, making the surface of the furniture less aesthetic. You can use water to wash the furniture and let it dry before spraying.

2. The first coat of primer is very important

This is the first layer to help the paint adhere firmly to the surface of the furniture. When priming, pay attention to spray paint evenly. It is recommended to let this paint layer dry, then spray the next layer.

3. If you want the paint to be even and beautiful, paint an arc

If you want to keep the wood grain on the desk when painting and not miss the small points or angles on the surface of the furniture, you should spray paint in an arc. When starting, spray from the edges of the furniture, move quickly through the center and stop spraying once you have passed the edge. This technique ensures you have the best top coat. For furniture such as desks, oval or round coffee tables, you should choose a turntable so as not to lose much effort and time.

4. Should spray paint in layers
If you only spray a layer of paint on the surface, the wood furniture has weak scratch resistance. When exposed to the sun, the wood quickly discolors. Especially in wet weather, these furniture can become moldy or termite. The best way is to paint PU in three layers. Primer, gloss and color paint. Thus, wooden furniture is both beautiful and durable.

5. Do not use immediately after spraying paint on wooden furniture

Furniture, if used immediately after spraying, will not be good. Simply a file cabinet, if you leave the paint layer not firmly adhered, placing books or papers on it can cause it to come off. In particular, when just finished painting, the paint smell is quite strong, placed in an enclosed space will be very uncomfortable, even affecting the health of jellyfish. It is best to leave wooden furniture outdoors for 12 to 16 hours so that the paint can dry, stick to the wood well and the paint smell goes away, In addition, you can also place a cup of lemon juice, vinegar mixed with salt around to deodorize. fast.

6. Good protective equipment is required when spraying paint

Paint is a rather toxic chemical. If exposed or smelled for too long, it can cause asthma, nervous tension and even cancer. Paint that sticks to people will be difficult to remove. Therefore, when doing this work, you should wear good protective equipment, for example, use a mask or wear gloves. In the house, you should put ventilation fans to make the air more airy. The instructions on the use of paint listed on the packaging should not be ignored. In particular, when spraying PU paint, you should keep an appropriate distance, avoid overexposure or inhaling unpleasant paint odors.
Above are the notes to help you make PU painting simpler, more effective and safer. Let's start renovating your wooden furniture right away!

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