Notes when choosing interior wood paint to ensure safety and durability



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Notes when choosing interior wood paint to ensure safety and durability

In fact, in general, wood paint contains chemicals that affect users; However, if the correct amount is ensured, the use is still within safe limits.

To choose a quality interior wood paint; For the safety of the painter and the end user, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

 Choose products of reputable brands with long-term experience in the wood coating industry. Preferably have standard production system; modern so that all products are created to meet quality standards.

– Only choose products that are censored, tested and evaluated according to standards. In particular, the product will be trusted if the chemical content is within the perfect limit; For example, OSEVEN paint has a light odor and low toxicity because it is strictly controlled by a closed system.

– For wooden furniture to retain its luxurious and classy beauty for a long time; you should not ignore the interior wood paint of oseven because of its high gloss ability; smooth smooth paint layer maximum waterproof; resistant to moisture and strong impact; Even though it is transported up and down many times, it is still guaranteed to have the best equipment.

The process of painting furniture is commonly applied

Most wooden furniture products are painted with PU coating system according to 6-step process; to ensure the durability of color and gloss for interior products. Specifically:
Step 1: Surface treatment

Before proceeding to paint the interior wood, the wood surface needs to be smoothed. P240 Okata Sandpaper is the right choice for a clean, smooth surface. In addition, wood parts with defects need to use patching methods to handle more carefully.
Step 2: Put powder / wipe color for wood materials

To seal wooden pins; To prevent the wood surface from being penetrated with water, you need to put powder on the wood surface. Where the product has special requirements; color will be mixed with putty to wipe the surface. Continue to use sandpaper 240 to sand again after the putty has dried.
Step 3: Paint the wood for the 1st time

Wood surface needs to be cleaned of dust, using a paint gun with a pressure of 8kg/cm2; Paint nozzle open at 30˚ angle. In 1 coat of paint will go through the wooden surface 3 times; finish lining 1.

To ensure the aesthetics of the product, interior wood painters choose transparent paint; has the ability to increase the evenness of the paint film and mild odor safely; OSEVEN primer is a paint that meets the above requirements recommended by professionals.
Step 4: Primer 2nd time

After about 2 hours, the first coat of primer is dry, use sandpaper P320 to rub the wood surface again; then continue to paint the second coat with a paint gun with an air pressure of 8kg/cm2; Paint nozzle opening angle is 30˚. One coat of paint will go through the wood surface 3 times.
Step 5: Spray interior wood paint color

After the 2nd coat of primer has dried, continue to lightly sand the surface until smooth with P320 sandpaper; blow off dust and spray color with steam pressure of 8kg/cm2; nozzle opening angle is 60˚. Note that the distance from the nozzle to the wooden surface is 50cm; Color layer will be sprayed 2-3 times for 1 spray.

To keep the natural wood grain, you can use the fine color of Oseven; industrial color will match all types of wood with different requirements.
Step 6: Re-color and spray polish

About 1 hour after the color layer has dried, use 320 sandpaper to gently stroke; Blow away the lighter colored spots. Then proceed to spray the surface gloss. About 8-10 hours (in sunny weather) spray balls can pack the product and ship it out.

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